The V Word

It’s Volunteers’ Week, and lots of UK museums are rightly celebrating volunteers and the contribution that they make. It’s also a week in which I discovered the US based ‘ongoing twitter chat’ #MuseumWorkersSpeak encouraging solidarity among museum workers, and in which jobs were the topic for @museumhour on twitter. Since volunteering and jobs are so enmeshed in the museum sector, I wanted to revisit some of my thoughts from my museum manifesto post which I wrote in May on how museums might find new approaches to these issues. I set out to write a very comprehensive post discussing various pathways to museum work but I soon realised that requires much more research and time than I have right now, so I will continue that discussion in a future post.

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Animals in Museums

I’m hugely looking forward to the Grant Museum’s exhibition Strange Creatures, which I intend to visit and post about this week. In anticipation then, I have been thinking about exhibitions which focus on animals, which seems to be something of a trend at the moment, at least in my local area.

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Wall of Windows

Elements of Architecture ‘Wall of Windows’, at the University of Brighton Gallery, showcases the stunning Brooking National Collection of windows dating from the 17th century to the 1960s.

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