Slow Museums

As a counterpoint to my last post about responding to current events, and the post I wrote for Registrar Trek recently about rapid response collecting, today I am thinking about the benefits for museums of being slow. 

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Museum Trends: when worlds collide

When I started Acid Free I wrote a round up of emerging trends I was noticing in museum practice and displays, and I intended to follow it up regularly, but have been slow to do so. After fretting that I had left it too late and many of my ’emerging’ trends related to exhibitions that have been and gone, I sat down to write about some thoughts on museums goings on I’ve been collecting over the summer. I realised that many of these trends are actually part of a wider trend – museums working in collaboration with other sectors and art forms.

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Enter through the shop…

…in which I indulge the opportunity  to play fashion blogger (while still writing about museums).

While browsing for museum news online recently I came across a curious collaboration: high street store Oasis have teamed up with the V&A to produce a range of clothes and accessories inspired by the museum’s archive of prints.  At first I thought it was a strange arrangement; museums might strike up a relationship with a brand for sponsorship or hoping to attract different audiences by partnering with cool designers (more of that later) but in this case it seems the V&A is the ‘cool’ partner of the pairing. The museum was after all established to inspire British designers and manufacturers, and this is exactly the role it is fulfilling in this partnership.

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Trending Topics

Animals in Museums

I’m hugely looking forward to the Grant Museum’s exhibition Strange Creatures, which I intend to visit and post about this week. In anticipation then, I have been thinking about exhibitions which focus on animals, which seems to be something of a trend at the moment, at least in my local area.

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