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I’ve been thinking since I started this blog about trends in museum exhibitions. As I thought about what I wanted to write about when it comes to museums, certain topics keep coming up. I wrote about this in my post on animal-focused exhibitions, and since then I have been spotting more trends, and other articles picking up on this.

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Strange Creatures

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was very excited about the concept behind the Strange Creatures exhibition at UCL’s Grant Museum: depictions of animals which the artist has never seen in the flesh. While it’s not a subject I’ve given a great deal of thought to before, I have always enjoyed those medieval animal pictures where you get the feeling the artist was really just doing his best with the little he had.

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Animals in Museums

I’m hugely looking forward to the Grant Museum’s exhibition Strange Creatures, which I intend to visit and post about this week. In anticipation then, I have been thinking about exhibitions which focus on animals, which seems to be something of a trend at the moment, at least in my local area.

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