Post-election Museum Manifesto: How can museums fight to survive in the next 5 years of Tory government?

I wrote this on Friday, when I, along with everyone on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, was feeling pretty sore about the Conservative election win. In some ways it feels frivolous to be focusing my thoughts and energy on how this election will affect museums, rather than wider issues in society, but museums are what I know about, and the area where I feel I have more scope to have a positive impact. Focusing on one area where I might make a different is more productive than looking at the bigger picture and simply despairing.  That said, I believe museums are a privilege. They are not the NHS, or the welfare state, which people depend on as a safety net in times of need, and which are now at risk. I am not going to argue that museums are an essential in our society, but they are a wonderful thing for society to have. While I hope there will be a fight for the protection of true essentials like healthcare, social care, and education, we need to put up a fight for our privileges too, because a society where we only have essential services and are grateful for them is too little to ask for in Britain in the 21st century.

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Under the Sea

On Thursday, in between attending the Museums and Heritage Show and some training sessions at the Natural History Museum, I took the chance to see the current temporary exhibition, Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea. It was a beautiful, tranquil place to stop and spend some quiet moments before moving on to my next session of the day.

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Strange Creatures

Some thoughts on #futurecurator, from someone who wasn’t there.