I’m a curator and multi-tasking museum freelancer living in Brighton & Hove. I started this blog to help me work through my ideas about museums.

As I write more about the need to decolonise museum practice, I think it’s important to consider my own positionality. I’m a white, British, straight, cis, working class, millennial woman. In many ways I am a typical museum worker, and with 10 years experience I am an insider. Coming from a working class background I started with an outsider’s view of the sector. I don’t have a PhD or an academic specialism, but I do have a Museum Studies MA (you can read about how I paid for it with a credit card here). I have taken career steps based on what work was available to me, and I have critically examined the ways things are done as I have progressed in my work.

I’m not a museum apologist. I self-identify as a hater. This has led me to question, and to try to improve, many areas of museum practice.

If you want to find out more about my work, or are interested in working together, check out my website.

I’m on twitter @kathleenlawther